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Editorial Board and Review

The Animal Research Registry is controlled by the Editorial Board that includes scientific experts in animal science, animal physiology, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy.

There are 2 members of the editorial board pointed by the Scientific manager to check the registry information. All comments about the registry will be sent to the Authors (Registers) after 1-2 weeks.


Scientific Manager

Phuc Van Pham

Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City

PhD. in Animal and Human Physiology


Editorial Board Members

Anh Nguyen-Tu Bui

Laboratory of Animal Care and Use (LACU)

Msc. in Animal Physiology


Ngoc Bich Vu

Center for Innovation and Pilot Production (CIPP)

PhD. in Animal and Human Physiology


Nhat Chau Truong

Center for Research and Development (CRD)

Msc. in Animal Physiology


Khanh Nha Nguyen

Center for Biomedical Training (CBT)

Msc. in Biomedicine