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How to register

Register your study in Animal Research Registry

Take all the time you need to prepare the registration of your study in Animal Research Registry. 
Once your study is submitted, you can still decide to change or retract it within two weeks from the submission date.
After this period, the registration becomes binding and your study receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number which marks your study as your intellectual property.

Register your study: STEP-BY-STEP

Step 1: Please fill the Animal Research Registry information form. Please get the form at here.

Step 2: Register to become a user at

Step 3: Submit your study with abstract and upload the fille form in your dashboard

Step 4: ARR's Editor will review your registry in 1-2 week; and send you comments

Step 5: Your registry is accepted; published online.


Which studies can you register on ARR?

The register is open for all animal studies. We especially encourage researchers to register their confirmatory studies. 

Note: We only accept animal studies approved by the institutional ethical committee or equivalent ethical committee.


When studies can you register on ARR?

We accept all registries for finished, on-going animal studies.